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There is a lot of work to finishing an after-market stock. Buy your after-market stock from any of the good stock companies and I will pillar-bed it to your action, float the barrel and finish it to perfection.

The finish is generally numerous coats of hand-rubbed oil and then wet sanded automotive clear coat hand polished to a semi-gloss. There is no orange peel and all of the pores are completely filled.

The pillar’s are stainless steel and made specifically for your barreled action.
I have several custom design stocks and I can obtain a machined blank and finish it the same way I would your after-market stock.

I will refinish, pillar-bed and float the barrel on most existing rifles provided the scratches and gouges are not too deep to be sanded out.

Cost for my work is approximately $300 plus shipping depending on the type action, size of the barrel and condition of the machined stock blank . In order to pillar bed some actions some machining is required and the condition of some after market stocks and existing rifles require a lot more work than others.

If you order a custom stock, the finishing price is the same and the only variable is the cost of wood. The wood on most of the stocks pictured fall within the $300 range which includes tips, caps and a recoiled pad. Prices are subject to change based on the pricing by the stock companies and the wood selections.
Please call for details.